New NetPlay CEO – Boku Casinos

The online casino and gaming industry has been generating a lot of speculation lately regarding the reason behind NetplayTV’s Chief Executive Officer Martin Higginson’s official resignation from the company. Opinions from analysts at many top online casinos from this website and traditional on-land gaming vary; some say it is due to Higginson’s failure to achieve the goals for Bingo Stars television while others speculate that it was brought about by his failure in fulfilling his ambition and aspiration to head and focus on an investment of his own.

The BingoStars television formally terminated its operation after six months of trial on ITV with admittance that the project has led to a total financial failure. After this termination, Netplay rehabilitated its financial structure by inviting several entities whose interest are in online casino investing and gambling to invest in its Bingo assets which are estimated to be worth several million pounds sterling. The company issued an official statement stating that Higginson will back his successor with his utmost support in managing the company. He said that he will be readily available for consultation regarding strategies that the company will need in the future in order for it to move forward smoothly and steadily. Higginson is the founding officer of NetplayTv and was the pioneer in making diverse deals which resulted in an eloquent and strong growth for the company amidst the proliferation of online casinos.

Charles Butler was named as Higginson’s successor and will take over the position of Chief Executive Officer. Butler has been serving for a year in the company before following the footsteps of Higginson. Antecedent to his stint with NetplayTV, he was connected with Bowman International, a company involved in the same online casino and gambling industry as NetplayTV.