Bookies Activity in Casino Gambling

Nowadays gambling is globalized almost every country had an own clubs in their corresponding country. Awareness among people about casino is improved a lot, few years back only a group of people only knows gambling now it spread worldwide. Everyone comes into casino club with lots of eager to win games. If result of the game is not favor in the sense they won’t accept lose. This is the reason players are involving in bookies activity this is not a fair one. Most countries completely ban bookies still few bookies working underground. Fixing a game in favor of a particular player is called as booking. Many bookies working area is resorts they working as a group and passing message between team members in a secret code method. Finding bookies code is difficult task, breaking bookies code is under research. Restricting bookies activity in casino is important otherwise all of a sudden entire gambling world under tremendous pressure. Gambling games fixing process is costly one bookies demand lost of cash for fixing a single game. Multimillionaires ready to give those bigger amount they want win, it’s a serious prestige issue for them. Winning gambling game is giving them fame, bookies done easily.